Global Profit Technologies, Inc. [GLPT] is a publicly traded e-commerce company within the Financial Products & Services Sector and Continuing Education & Training segment of the financial community. Specifically, its proprietary software applications, designed to automate trading in the over-the-counter foreign currency markets, are poised to revolutionize retail trading and investment strategies as we now know them.

GLPT is the developer, sole owner and licensor of a proprietary revolutionary trading technology, with the emphasis on the Forex currency markets, with its commodities platforms currently under development. The company's flagship product, The "4X-Dynamic Automated Trader™" (4X-DAT™) is the world's first and only software application of its kind, making it the most advanced personal Forex trading tool available anywhere. It brings to any Forex trader an unparalleled solution designed to fully automate all personal trading activities in the over-the-counter foreign exchange (Forex) markets.

Over-the-counter foreign currency trading is one the most lucrative capital propositions and possibly the most profitable business activity of many of the world's largest banks and financial institutions. Until recently, the Forex Market was reserved only for the wealthiest companies and currency traders, requiring millions of dollars in order to participate. Over the last few years, however, with the advent of, and convergence of new technologies, personal computers, global communication and software developments, the doors to this mammoth market have become more and more accessible, even to the average traders and investors.

Today, it is possible for an average trader to open a trading account of only a few hundred dollars with a licensed foreign currency broker, and the profit potential of this 4-TRILLION-dollar a day industry is within anyone's reach. GLPT is targeting an estimated 10 million professional full-time as well as part-time traders, PLUS more that an estimated 30-50 million spare-time and "would-be" traders and foreign currency investors all over the world, within the next 5 to 10 years. Just 1% penetration of this market will make GLPT a multi-billion dollar global company.

As traders worldwide are becoming more and more aware of the awesome potential of automated Forex trading, the more they want to develop their understanding and further their own personal education on the advanced and more sophisticated trading strategies and modules of the 4X-DAT™. This way, they can fully appreciate the sophistication of the software and realize even greater results utilizing more complex strategies which can be deployed using the various modules of this revolutionary trading software. GLPT is developing all the necessary Sales, Marketing and Client Training Programs, including educational courses, technical seminars, online webinars, and other comprehensive training tools, designed to help all clients maximize the power of the 4X-DAT™ and ultimately their trading success.

Because of its head start and virtually no competition, Global Profit Technologies, Inc. is set to be the world's foremost leader in providing foreign currency traders with products and services in order to help them fulfill their personal goals of financial success and freedom. The Company is poised to capitalize on its current and recurrent sources of high margin revenues primarily on its recurring licensing/usage fees from its software trading platforms, as well as additional revenues from the sales and marketing of its software education, training seminars, and personal consulting.

With an expanding market niche and declining cost structures, GLPT management continues to work diligently on improving the shareholders' value and believes that the future of GLPT is outstanding.

Global Profit Technologies, Inc. is a publicly traded company, trading under the symbol: GLPT

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